All About Mega-Dino!

All About Mega-Dino!

Why did you make Mega-Dino?

After going viral for making jumbo dinosaurs, I got TONS of folks jokingly asking if I could make it bigger, as well as serious emails asking if I would take a custom order to make a human-sized dinosaur. I always said no, citing how difficult it would be and chalking it up to something that wasn't possible. Then, I slowly started imagining and wondering about it more and doodling it in my notebook. And before I knew it, I was writing the pattern while testing it with regular size 4 worsted weight yarn! After frogging a lot of drafts, I managed to create a prototype I was happy with. But remember, this prototype was made with size 4 worsted weight yarn--I had yet to make it using size 7 jumbo chenille! 

What materials did it take? 

Using size 7 jumbo chenille such as Sweet Snuggles, Chenille Home, and Parfait XL, it took 2000g for the body and 280g for the spikes! It took me almost exactly 10 skeins of Sweet Snuggles (250g/skein): 2 skeins for the spikes (which is plenty), and 8 skeins for the body (which was cutting it really close!). I would highly recommend picking up an extra ball of yarn for the body just in case! If you choose to shop Premier Yarn, use my Affiliate Link for 10% off your first order!

It also took 14 pounds of Polyfil Stuffing (Amazon Affiliate Link), and 40mm eyes (Amazon Affiliate Link). Additionally, I used a ball of size 4 worsted weight yarn in a similar color to sew. I recommend sewing with regular yarn instead of with your jumbo chenille because it is more durable and cost-effective.

Where can I find the pattern?

Here is the link to my Mega-Dino Crochet Pattern!

Will you make a YouTube Tutorial?

Maybe. There's two roadblocks keeping me from making a tutorial. First, I don't have the set up or space to be able to effectively show you what I'm doing when I'm making such a big item. Second, the thing about this pattern is that it is simple, not easy. Due to its size, I consider this pattern to be advanced, and my YouTube tutorials are really geared towards beginner/intermediate crocheters. Here is a video where I focus on how I sew my chenille plushies together!

Can I sell any Mega-Dinos that I make? 

Yes! You are free to do as you like with the items that you make--keep, give, or sell them! All I ask is that you credit me with the pattern design so that others may find it as well!

I'm having trouble working with size 7 jumbo chenille yarn! What can I do?

Check out my 5 top tips and tricks for working with size 7 jumbo chenille!

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